Curvy Girls Rule the World

love yourself absolutely unconditionally. #tothegirls

Today’s post is part of the rally cry started by Young Adult author Courtney Summer‘s project #ToTheGirls. Courtney writes some of the best YA books I’ve ever read. She is one of my favorites. #ToTheGirls is a project for young women, filling their minds with love and advice, encouragement and support in hopes of drowning out everything that’s not. From… Read more →

Why I Write BBW Romance Novels

My mother was obsessed with beauty. I watched her at her vanity table, with all her tiny pots of beauty magic, silver jewelry boxes hiding long strings of pearls I’d sneak into sometime when she wasn’t home. She’d spend hours tapping her cheeks and smearing her lashes and it all seemed terribly glamorous. Too glamorous for the shabby rental house… Read more →

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